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D2UFO-Blivrig 200W UFO LED Industrial lamp,Blivrig10000LM 6000K High Bay Light,Factory,Warehouse,Industrial,Lamp,Workshop,Gym,Tunnel,Commercial Bay Lighting,Shop Area,Garage Lights
Product number:D2-UFO-200W
Product price:29.99
Release date:2021-04-26
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Detailed introduction


Power: 50 watts/100 watts/200 watts/300 watts.

Input voltage: 220V-240V

Lumens: 100LM/W.

Waterproof protection grade: IP65

Color temperature: cool white (6000K)

Life: 50000h +

Material: die-cast aluminum

Size: 26*7.5*7.5CM

Weight: 1.3KG

VAT: DE339318801

Company name: Shenzhen Tubituo Trading Co., Ltd.

Company address: guangdongshengshenzhenshibaoanquxinanjiedaolongjingshequ2quhuayedasha202

Contact: +86 166 2046 2403

Shipping address: China

1. Bright and energy-saving: UFO LED floodlights are several times brighter than traditional bulbs,

and have a luminous efficiency of 100 lumens/watt, which can illuminate every area; in addition,

compared with incandescent bulbs, it can save 83 %energy of.

2. Good heat dissipation: The shell of this UFO LED floodlight uses high-quality aluminum,

and the back shell uses a fin-type radiator, which can dissipate heat faster and extend the life of the lamp.

Moreover, it is corrosion-resistant, anti-rust and anti-aging, and has high safety.

3. Professional design: Our UFO LED floodlights use new lenses with a unique eye protection mode,

and the lighting distance is very large, durable, flicker-free, and no delay. The light is bright and will not harm

the eyes. (But please don't look directly)

4. Easy to install: The chain link of the rear shell of this UFO LED floodlight is designed to prevent slippage

and increase the safety of installation.

5. Scope of application: UFO LED floodlights are suitable for garages, halls, basements, high-rise factories,

workshops, logistics centers, exhibition halls, gymnasiums, mines, toll stations, supermarkets and other places

that need lighting.

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